#1 Pro-Solution - No Holes - No Screws - No Drilling - Stop Theft

6" HD Aluminum Door Assembled Work Ready

6" HD Aluminum Door Assembled Work Ready

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  • Exclusive Pro - Schedule 40 Conduit Storage System - Exclusive Molded PVC Ring and Attached Alloy Door.
  • Save Time !  KACO products require no drilling no screws no rivets
  • Easy & Fast Installation.
  • No Drills - No Drilling, no protruding sharp bolts to damage skin and work materials and no silicone messy glue or caulk to adhere unlike materials.
  • Ships fully assembled - use conventional PVC primer and cement. Solvent Weld.
  • Heavy-Duty Channel-type Gudgeon and Ring attaches with (2) Austenitic 300 Series Stainless Steel 1 3/4"Long (d 9mm) Pintle Bolts.
  • Padlock tab on door and base ring Secure and Protect Materials.
  • Dual Spring Stainless Steel handle can be positioned for left or right hand opening.
  • "Rib Reinforcement Shock Resistant PVC Molded Super Strength Door."
  • All stainless door components prevent rusting and prolong life of assembly.
  • Doors can be mounted 360° without affecting operation.
  • Designed exclusively for PVC applications. Designed and engineered for 6” Schedule 40 standard or DWV Pipe.
  • #1 Contractor and Tradesman Choice.
  • 3 Year No Hassle Warranty

- No PVC Tubing, Glue, Cement, Padlock or Mounting Hardware Included.

*** Fast Upgrade from DWV Plastic Nut Plug - Save Time - Money - Safe and Secure your Mobile Cargo and Supplies